Ways to failure


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We really haven’t posted anything substantial here for a while, why? Mainly failure.

Holidays, severe work stress, the abundance of sweets in the office, lack of will power, life events and the alcohol crutch, all leading to the downward spiral and destruction of what I had achieved in the last two years.

Pretty much started in November while working on a new product launch, an international sales meeting and a national sales meeting, all running parallel timelines, not to mention the day to day workload that my department is responsible for. Not much of an excuse, now that I write it down, it is just life. Something that you have to adapt to and deal with positively. Unfortunately, I dealt with the 60+ hour weeks that ran from November through the beginning of February with lazy attempts at the gym and really not paying attention to my diet. Plus, going home and having a beer or three was a lot more appealing at 9 o’clock than heading off to the gym for an hour. Than there are the holidays that crept up and more food to eat, more sweets around every corner of the office, and more booze to consume.

Everything wrapped up week one of February. The office slowed to its normal insanity and I was finally going to start getting my act back together and work on undoing the last four months of debauchery. So, Valentines Day, I got up early to make my wife breakfast, wrap her present and sign the cards…..I never made it to the kitchen. Slipped and fell down the four steps we have in our home and cracked a rip in the fall.

Life Happens.

Four weeks later, I am able to workout again and I started to focus on my diet after the fall. So back in the routine. 5 small meals a day, macros counted and a nice workout before the office and after. Back to goals.

Need to remember that life is not my office, not my job, not the hours that I waste sitting in front of a computer doing what I have to do to earn a living, but what happens outside of that environment. My wife, my son, our dream to escape one day – that’s life. ┬áThe goals have nothing to do with the job, and the job cannot effect the goals I want to achieve. So…..I’m moving forward, and making the goals the priority.