In truth, I have been doing this workout for about a month and sadly enough my pull is pathetically week compared to my push. So I hate pull-up days. It’s not really the fact that I can’t do them, it’s the fact that I think people are laughing that I can do so few.

So pull-up days consist of:

Chin-ups :: 3 sets of 10 (which I can do 24 of the 30)
Pull-ups narrow grip :: 3 sets of 10 (which I can do 16 of the 30)
Australian Pull-ups :: 3 sets of 10 (I can do these)
Hand stand Push-ups :: 3 sets of 10 (I can do 3 sets of 5, this is more of a balance issue)

Not really that bad since when I started I could only do the Australian pull-up and about 9 of the Chin-ups….forget about the pull-ups or the handstand push-ups.

I usually spend my time in between sets jumping rope, body weight squats or some type of stomach crunch.

Anyways, today wasn’t to bad, just frustrated that I haven’t been able to achieve all 3 sets of each yet. Getting there though, and once I get there and can start adding additional exercises.