So after two cheat days at the boat, assessing the damage done. Actually didn’t do to bad. Weighed in this morning at 171, so basically eating like shit for two days resulted in almost a 2 lb gain. Need to figure out a way to watch the diet while on a weekend vacation. Oh well, will be more militant about it next time.

Today was pull-ups, doing so much better with these, just can not seem to be consistent with them. One day I can knock them out, then the next I can barely do them. Kind of frustrating but from where I began, really can not complain.

Todays workout:

Chin-ups: 3 x10
Pull-ups: 3×8
Towel assisted one arm pull-up: 3×3 (each side)
Lat Pulldown: 3×10 with 185lbs
Straight arm pulldown: 3×10 55lbs
Handstand push-up: 3×5
Straight arm side shoulder raises: 3×10 17.5lb