Okay, so I have been avoiding the blog, it was getting repetitive.

Day 68 and we have GOAL, well partial goal, but I will take it. Overall objective was to hit 165 at 8% body fat. I am currently at 164.5 at 11.9% body fat. That is a drop of 31lbs since January, 27.5lbs since I really started trying back in February, and 17.5lbs in the last 68 days. Still have some work to do, but you have to acknowledge the success you do have.

What I’ve learned:

  • Fitness Gurus are trying to sell shit, not help you succeed.
  • What works for Joe Blow isn’t going to work for you, you need to find your own thing.
  • Diet is everything, hate to say it, but its true. Again, you need to find your own thing everyones body is different, but caloric intake is crucial.
  • If you click on an ad that says “30-minute ______________”, you’ve already lost and are not in the right mindset.
  • Find a role model, not for their diet and exercise routine, but for what they can do. Mine is Frank Medrano, I want to do what he can do and I’m no where close.

This blog keeps me honest so I’m going to keep it going.