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So, I was reading again….always good to read what other people say about fitness. Somethings make sense, some don’t. For some reason this one made sense. Here is the quote from the article that made sense:

If you can work out for more than an hour, you’re not working hard enough.

My workouts generally take anywhere from 75 minutes to 2 hours. Lots of rest between sets (20 to 40 seconds) and hunting for floor space and dependent on whether I do my full routine and quantity of sets. I usually feel really good about my workout, about myself, but lack that twinge of muscle soreness the next day that I had when I started.

So now I’m thinking, how fast could I do it?

So 300 in 40 was created.

Below = 1 set

15 dips
15 push-ups
25 crunches
10 triangle push-ups
10 wide push-ups
25 crunches
15 incline push-ups
15 decline push-ups
25 crunches
10 dumbbell push-ups
10 planche push-ups (feet on ground)
25 crunches

3 sets = 300 push-ups/300 crunches completed in 40 minutes.

So to say the least, triceps and chest are completely locked up today.