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pulloverYesterday was push-up day. Same ‘ol same ‘ol, except for two new moves that has my body screaming today.

3 sets of the following:

Weighted dips x 10 +35lbs
push-ups x 10 +40lbs
Triangle push-ups x 10 +40lbs
Wide push-up x 10 +40lbs
Plant push-up x 15
Deep push-up x 15
Decline trifecta (triangle, reg, wide – 10 of each)
Incline trifecta (triangle, reg, wide – 10 of each)

In addition to my regular work out I added 3 sets of dumbbell pullovers with a 65lb dumbbell and 3 sets of GHD sit-ups. Core is a screaming meanie today. Feels good.