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So my 16 year old son called me the other day and said, “Dad, I just maxed out at 205 on the bench”. Which for my son is really impressive, since last year he was struggling with 90 pounds. So not to be outdone by my son I decided to see how much my bench press is currently. Keep in mind I haven’t done a bench press of any kind in over 9 months. So after one of my pull-up workouts, I interrupted my wifes workout to spot me.

Yeah, after 90 minutes of doing back workouts, that is the optimal time to max out on the bench. I’m a genius. 

So the last 9 months all I have been doing is push-ups, lots of push-ups and pull-ups and weighted exercises for my back. I never workout with any weights for my chest, so one it was going to interesting to see if I had gained any strength in the last 9 months or if I lost strength.

9 months ago :: Bench – 205 lb max
Yesterday :: Bench – 225 lb max


So what did I do? I texted my son back: Your still a wimp, old man just did 225 lbs.

This is how I motivate my child, which SUCKS, because he is only 16 and will probably get up 225 in a month, which means I need to work harder. So when I get that unavoidable text of: “I just did 230,” I can text back: “Hey Nancy, Old man just did 250.


So needless to say I will be adding some more weight training into my calisthenic routines. Have to stay ahead of the young one, and I’m so glad he motivates me.