I just recently spent a week in Denver. Great trip and I was able to catch up with a lot of old friends.

And of course I had to stop at a pot shop, just for the experience. I have to say it kind of turns your head upside down when something so taboo is readily available and out in the open. Kind of nice, kind of bizarre, and kind of awesome.

So here are my problem/s:

  1. Even though it is legal, they make it Taboo.
    Maybe it was just the shop I went to, but you walked in on the ground floor, checked in with security, given a number and then sat in a waiting room. Felt like the waiting room in Beetleguise. Once they called your number you got on an elevator to the fifth floor, which presented with a locked door. You knock, they buzz you in, then you wait for someone to be available to help you. Felt like I was trying to sneak into a speakeasy.
  2. Cash Business
    Since marijuana is still illegal federally, banks will not touch businesses, because banks are controlled federally. HOW stupid is our government. You have a legal business, that would potentially bring in billions of dollars and you make it cash only. Granted to keep the books clean the business would have to declare some amount so the IRS would leave them alone, but can you imagine how much money is being skimmed these businesses. The tip jar alone, was impressive. We are talking two tip jars, not small little jars like you see at bars and coffee counters, we are talking the extra large dill pickle jars. One at either side of the counter and stuffed. Not just stuffed with 1’s, but stuffed with 5’s, 10’s, and 20’s. Lets see……who’s going to declare that tip jar on their taxes? No one with a brain.
  3. Legalization
    Don’t really care what side of the fence you are on, prohibition ended for a reason. Mainly to add coins to the governments pocket, so why not legalize marijuana. Tell you what…..I have done some incredibly stupid fucking things in my life, and none them ever occurred while being high, drunk yes – high no. But alcohol is okay. Granted there is always going to be someone that experiments to hard and thinks they can fly, but isn’t that they same thing as getting behind the wheel of a car when your blood alcohol level is over 1.0?

    National legalization sales projections are 100 billion+. That would be a great payday for the US government.

Rants over. Had a great time in Denver and wish our government had a brain.

Back to our regularly scheduled push-ups, pull-ups and recipes.