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 Started my day off with a healthy protein shake of almond milk, kale, spinach, banana, protein powder and half of a habanero for some kick.

Starting to do two-a-days for my chest days, so the day is split into two different workouts for morning and night. Morning is 100% body weight exercises while the evening session throws in additional weight and machine training.

Morning Session :: 4 reps in continuous circuit

Triangle push-ups X 10
Narrow push-ups X10
Decline push-ups X10
Incline push-ups X10
Pike push-ups X10
Push-ups X10
Wide push-ups X10

Evening Session :: 3 reps of each

Dips + 50lbs X 10
Diamond Push-up X 10
Regular Push-up X 10
Wide Push-up X 10
Decline Diamond Push-up X 10
Decline Regular Push-up X 10
Decline Wide Push-up X 10
Incline Diamond Push-up X 10
Incline Regular Push-up X 10
Incline Wide Push-up X 10
Low Cable Cross X 10
Mid Cable Cross X 10
High Cable Cross X 10
Tricep Pull-down X 10
Standing Barbell Extensions X 10
Pulley Overhead Tricep Extensions X 10