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Hard to imagine that a year ago, I struggled just to do three pull-ups in a row. Not 3 sets of 3, but just 3, with no second act. Sometimes it was 3 sets of 1. More than likely this was due to two things: 1. The extra 35lbs I was carrying at the time, and 2. My back was pretty weak.

(Okay, so only the 13th was a rest day, 14th was a back day.)

The more weight I lost the more pull-ups I could do. Then I would plateau and stay stagnate for a couple weeks before I could increase my reps. So, in a year I have gone from being able to do 3 pull-ups to 9 sets of 10. And my most dreaded exercise is one of my favorites now. It still frustrates me and hurts me, but it’s definitely a love affair.

Found this great article that I wish I had found a year ago.

“7 Reasons Why You’re Struggling With Pull-ups!”