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So finally went to the chiropractor yesterday. Love the chiropractor, believe in it, but for some reason I still think it is all snake oil with piss and vinegar. So for that reason I never tell my chiropractor where exactly my back hurts or what side, more vague, like “top”, “middle”, or “lower”. I have to give my doc kudos though, he can usually pinpoint what the problem is pretty quickly and the area where it hurts the most.

I was pretty jacked up. Kind of felt like a broken rib if I took a deep breath. Turning was a very bad idea……any quick movement, extremely bad. So he starts the adjustment. A little on the pelvis, neck, then he gets to the area. He is about to do the adjustment and stops.

“This is going to hurt.”

Well I appreciate the honestly. Wasn’t really expecting the exploding lights in my vision. After that a wave of relief, like all the pressure being let out.

Was still sore last night, but feeling much better today. Even going to give the gym a try this evening.