So catching up. The 4th through the 8th was an offsite corporate meeting. Which to me means being on call 247 and trying not to go ballistic because some individuals go psycho nut batshit crazy every year for three days. And not being recognized for busting my ass. Anyways, lots of excellent food (not on diet) and a ton of libation (big no no) and a lot of guilt for getting off track……but whatever.

I did actually get up every morning and work out for 90 minutes. Not bad since the gym was mediocre at best.

Flew back on Super Bowl Sunday, got home and was immediately run over by a nasty virus. Fever, cough, chills…..the works. Awesomeness.

Fever broke yesterday, but I still have the cough and feeling really run down. Hoping to get back to the gym tomorrow, but hopes are not very high. Friday is looking like the most plausible.