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Finally got a good workout in. This is a three circuit routine with each rep being sets of 10 (unless otherwise notated). On the last circuit I increased the weight. Good day.

Pull-ups x 10
Machine Rows: 130lbs (140lbs)
Sit-ups X30
Straight Arm Pull-down: 60lbs (65lbs)
Lat Pull-down: 140lbs (150lbs)
Ab Roll-outs X20
Reverse Lat Pull-down: 120lbs (130lbs)
Reverse Fly Machine: 120lbs (130lbs)
Crunches X30
Australian Pull-ups
Australian Chin-ups
Straight Side Arm Shoulder Raises: 17.5lbs (20lbs)
Bent over rows: 90lbs (100lbs)
Hand stand push-up X5
Woverines: 20lbs (25lbs)