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Happy Birthday blog and thank you for all the support.

January of 2015 was the heaviest I have ever been, weighing in at 196lbs. Granted, not massively obese, just not fit. That year, like so many other years, was going to be the year that I changed everything. Stop the drinking, the quick and easy meals, and the excuses not to go to the gym. So January was fantastic, the first part of February was great, than I started to fade like so many other individuals with that New Years Resolution of losing weight. DOH!

Than the news happen. The Dad Bod became freaking news, which was kind of funny, but when I got home and looked in the mirror, it was not what I wanted to see. Only thing I could think was:

“oh hell no.” Resolve was back on, but I needed a way to make it stick.

March 11, 2015: Hello World, welcome to my blog. No body will read it, no body will care, doesn’t matter….it’s for me.

This blog has been a fantastic tool in tracking my journey, keeping me honest, getting support from around the world and just letting me dump crap when I needed too. Couldn’t have made it this far with out the great support of my wife, friends and my neighbor that keeps telling me I’m going to fail (that’s its own special type of motivation).

I’m not done yet.