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So where or where have I been?

You know all of those storms on the East Coast this past week? Well I had the bright idea it would be a great time to take a vacation and move the sailboat down the Inter Coastal Waterway. Good thing I’m just the first mate and my wife is the actual captain or we would have been stuck on a sandbar.

Great way to spend three days, even if it is in pouring rain. The trip started off pleasant enough with a beautiful sunrise and then just turned really nasty for about 30 hours. 25 to 35 mph winds and completely sideways rain. Still…..better than office.


5 am departure



sunrise before the storm



Anchored at Camp Lejeune. Missed the live artillery drills and made it through the camp to anchor on the other side. Storm broke long enough to grill dinner.



New home at the beach.


So that was the trip.

Morning workout below: