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may4And my zero alcohol consumption test was not as dynamic as I thought it would be, so that was a drag. I will say this, I sleep so much better when I stay away from the alcohol. Wish I didn’t like it so much, good thing I like the results I’m seeing more, but occasionally I fall off the wagon.

Weigh-in: 165lbs (down a pound in a week)

Has to be the lack of alcohol, because nothing else has changed…..well or it’s muscle mass.

I have really been struggling the last two weeks. Two things going on: a deep tissue injury in my right shoulder and a locked upper trapezius muscle on the opposite side.

The shoulder has been for a couple of weeks and only bothers me on push exercises. So most chest exercises have come to a halt, except for some extremely light weight motions. The trapezius went on Sunday while doing weighted pull-ups. Basically from my left shoulder to the base of my skull is in spasm. So now all pull exercises were out for about 5 days. Looking forward to getting back to them today….hopefully.

Then there is the complete and absolute lack of motivation on top of everything else. I want a pizza, a beer and sit on the couch and not move. I’m not giving in, but damn does it make the workouts hard and the diet even harder.

I’ll keep on moving along and this will also pass.