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So, no weigh-in Wednesday pic, kind of not feeling it. Herniated disc is easing up. Just a slight numbness in my left index finger that comes and goes. Much better than the constant pins and needles in the thumb and index finger. However I was down for two weeks and during those two weeks I was extremely bad with my diet. Good news is I maintained my weight, bad news is I probably lost a lot of muscle.

Last night I ventured to the gym and decided to go back to my original chest workout from 18 months ago. Weights and injuries seem to go hand in hand with me no matter how much I concentrate on my form, so the weights are gone, going with just body weight exercises.

First work out back.

Dips: 10×3
Diamond push-ups: 10×3
Regular push-ups: 10×3
Wide push-ups: 10×3
Incline diamond: 10×3
Incline: 10×3
Incline wide: 10×3
Decline diamond: 10×3
Decline push-up: 10×3
Decline wide: 10×3

30 Crunches between each set