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So it has been almost 3 months since my last post. Pinched a nerve in my neck and lost feeling in my index finger and thumb. Probably about 90% back to normal. Can feel my fingers again, so that is a perk. Physical therapy has been a complete waste of time, except for the 30 minute deep messages I receive on the trapezoid, which has been extremely locked up since I pinched the nerve. Message feels great, but hasn’t really accomplished much, however acupuncture has.

The acupuncturist put needles into all of the muscle groups that were locked up and then applied a mild electric current through the needles. It was very interesting, but you are still getting electrocuted for 40 minutes. It has worked though. The muscles have released and feeling has returned to my thumb and index finger.

So all in all, i have gained roughly ten pounds since I last posted. To little activity, and to much self pity. Diet went to shit and motivation went south.

Back at it tomorrow. Back to the gym, back to goal weight.