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So I bailed and went to the beach over the Easter weekend and didn’t take my computer. so more missing days, but actually I didn’t accomplish much except for a nice sun burn and some interesting pictures of the sun coming up. Nice picture of it here.

So todays workout:

Morning session: 3 sets with 1 minute break in between sets.
15 pull-ups
20 dips
20 archer push-ups

Evening session: A little more chaotic

35 minutes on the stair master
4 sets of 20 cable crunches
4 sets of 20 single leg extensions – 50lbs
3 sets of 15 curls – 45 lbs

Dip/knee raise ladder
1 dip
1 knee raise
2 dips
2 knee raises

up to 5 and then back down to one. Definitely harder than I thought it would be.